Succesfull China fish introduction of VISSER Watches

We would like to thank everybody for stopping by at our stand on Februari 26-28th and showing great interest in our new watch brand. Specifically those who were surprised at seeing the new VISSER watch brand introducing themselves to the fly, sea and fresh water fishing crowd. No other high end watch brand has done this previously so many were standing there surprised and mesmerized by the new Visser watches.
Our new RawHide model got a lot of interest as well. So we’re happy to fulfill customers who prefer a leather band.

We’ve seen visitors and dealers from many different countries, Japan, USA, Germany, Spain, South Korea and many more. Giving us confidence the VISSER brand is of interest to many. Already several countries have show interest to retail the VISSER watch line in their stores. So look out for them soon in your country. Dealers will be shown on our website this spring.

WFT visiting VISSER watches

We were very happy to have Angling International stop by for an interview and photography on their website. Check it out here:
Angling International News