About Visser

Design Heritage and History


Design Heritage

The VISSER watch was born from years of experience, building the highest quality fishing reels in the world. Ref. www.vanstaal.com. And just look at the designers history through the eyes of Google: Koelewyn Reels on Google. These uniquely designed reels quickly gained a strong following with the sport fishermen. They found their beginnings in Aerospace manufacturing. This hard earned experience created the unique capability we have today, in allowing us to offer a very unique and distinctive watch to our customers.

Our brand

We chose the name VISSER because our family name “Koelewyn”, with its origins in the Dutch Fishing village Spakenburg, Holland, which has a rich tradition in the commercial fishing industry. The fishing boats which where used during the 18th and 19th century were called “Botters”, a wooden fishing boat that used only sails: Zuiderzee-Botter

“VISSER” in the Dutch language means fisherman. You could translate it to fishermen’s or fishing watch.


Design History

A historical excerpt of how Robert Koelewyn came from building pipe organs in his fathers shop to his own Aerospace machine shop, then to designing and building high tech fishing reels, and now watches. Having an passion for watches as well, and realizing an unfulfilled market opportunity.
He wanted to address the sport fishermen’s desires for a beautiful time piece to which they can directly relate. He then used his mechanical design mastery to create a time piece that is in the subtle likeness of the sport, while at the same time Visser watches can be worn at any other occasion, from dress to casual.

Robert Koelewyn created three successful brands in the sport fishing industry in the last 25 years;
Van StaalZeebaas and 3-Tand

This cumulative experience is bringing you his new creation that will be just as desirable as his reels have been and continue to be.


His brother Bob Koelewyn brings along 30 years of Aerospace part manufacturing and management experience with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Thales and Airbus aircraft parts and assemblies. He brings input to Visser Watch marketing and design. Together they are a great team giving momentum to the total development of the Visser Watch experience