RawHide available!

The RawHide is an Original line watch and is available right now for $649,- USD. Drop us a line at info@visserwatch.com if you want one or wait until it is available on our website. There is limited availability for the moment before we start the first production batch though.

To give you a little background story from our forthcoming catalog;
The RawHide name came from when I was young, one of my favorite TV shows was RawHide with Clint Eastwood, Eric Fleming and Paul Brinegar as Wishbone. The show left an lasting impression on me. They were tough fair minded Cowboys. The Rawhide watch strap is just that! We chose the toughest leather, wrapped the connection to the watch case with a durable stainless header, riveted it to the leather for a super strong long lasting watch strap that will last and wear extremely well over time.