New dealer in Utrecht the Netherlands

To have a watch dealer is one thing but to have this dealer is another! We are very happy to add Traditional Hengelsport in Utrecht to our dealer list because this is a store that specializes in Rods, reels and tackel equipment. Ton Temming the owner is a traditional high end fishing rod builder with a tremendous history and legacy. He’s been building high end rods for 36 years.

Ton has been a watch lover for long as well and sees the Visser watches as a unique addition to his store, it complements his equipment very nicely. He was very excited to represent Visser watches as they are directly related to the VanStaal reel designer Robert Koelewijn, shown with the RK logo on the Visser watches and the reels.

They presently have stock for all models including our Mariner model. (to be added to our website).

When you happen to be in the Netherlands go check him out in the beautiful city of Utrecht. Address and further info is on our dealer list page